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Disaster Resources

Make sure that you and your loved ones are prepared and informed in the event of a disaster or emergency. These useful links can help you plan ahead or find relief.

In addition to the services we provide, the organizations below can help you with disaster planning, crisis relief and emergency financial assistance resources.

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Related Sites & Organizations

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Explains what disaster assistance and housing needs assistance are, who qualifies, and what other services FEMA offers. This resource also provides an online application and apply-by-phone directions, and allows users to check the status of their applications and find out how they can spend their assistance money.

FEMA: Emergency Response Action Steps

Guide on safeguarding collections damaged by water, whether from flood, fire, earthquakes, severe storms or broken pipes, and explains the proper salvage techniques and steps to use in the first 48 hours after a disaster.

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers

Provides a search tool for nearby disaster recovery facilities or mobile offices where you may go for information about FEMA and other disaster assistance programs, or for questions related to specific cases.

American Red Cross

Provides general information about disaster services, health and safety services, emergency preparation and other programs offered by the Red Cross. Links to local Red Cross websites are searchable by zip code.

CERF+ Artists' Relief Exchange

Provides a place for the general public to donate art supplies and other items to artists in need, and for artists in need to find donated items to continue their art careers.