Stay Healthy & Insured

Are you an entertainment professional in search of or confused by health insurance? We’re dedicated to keeping our community healthy and insured through personalized health insurance counseling provided nationally, guidance and enrollment support; referrals to health care resources; and more.

The landscape of health care options is shifting, so our programs are always adapting to find solutions to emerging problems. We are singularly focused on keeping members of our community healthy and capable of pursuing their chosen careers.

Our Artists Health Insurance Resource Center updates its workshops and seminars with comprehensive information on the latest insurance options, provides enrollment assistance for Affordable Care Act plans, and offers online resources, education and literacy tools.

The Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts in New York City offers primary and specialty care, expedited referrals within the Mount Sinai Health System, extended hours and continuity of care for those who experience regular changes in health insurance coverage.

Please register or log in to our Entertainment Community Fund Portal to access our workshops, programs and services. Our portal is designed to cater to your individual needs and interests, offering access to a wide range of resources and support—all with the guidance and understanding of what it takes to build a life and career in the arts.

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We’re dedicated to keeping our community healthy and capable of pursuing their chosen careers through personalized health insurance counseling, guidance and enrollment support; referrals to health care resources; as well as primary and specialty care at The Friedman Health Center.

A joint program of the Entertainment Community Fund and MPTF, offering Western Region residents in our entertainment and performing arts community personalized counseling and enrollment support.

Are you or your loved one an entertainment professional dealing with work or personal stress, anxiety, depression or life transitions? Get in touch with our caring clinicians for help and support. 

Are you an entertainment professional facing a serious medical condition? Our Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative can offer you confidential and compassionate support.

Are you an entertainment professional living with HIV/AIDS, newly diagnosed or caring for a loved one? We can help you create confidential, holistic plans and support systems to meet your immediate and long-term emotional, medical and financial needs. 

Are you a professional dancer dealing with significant injury? You’re not alone. As you continue your recovery, you can reach out to us for emotional support and other resources.