Our Services & Programs

We offer a broad spectrum of programs, a calendar of workshops, support groups, online resources and emergency financial assistance to support the unique, essential needs of all who work in performing arts and entertainment. We assist everyone working in theater, film, television, radio, music, dance, opera and circus, whether on stage or on camera, behind the scenes or below the line. Administered through our offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, these programs help people across the country to solve problems and make positive changes in their lives.

Please register or log in to our Entertainment Community Fund Portal to access our workshops, programs and services. Our portal is designed to cater to your individual needs and interests, offering access to a wide range of resources and support—all with the guidance and understanding of what it takes to build a life and career in the arts.

With respect and understanding, our professional social workers offer our community help to address a wide array of challenges via counseling and support groups, education, emergency financial assistance and practical help—completely free of charge.

The Career Center helps you develop and manage a career in the arts. Our holistic approach takes into consideration the resources you need to manage your arts career, develop freelance and entrepreneurial opportunities, discover meaningful industry-adjacent work or transition to a new career.

Located on a six beautiful acres in Englewood, New Jersey, and only seven miles from New York City, the Actors Fund Home provides excellent health care and supportive services for both long and short-term living.

We’re dedicated to keeping our community healthy and insured through personalized health insurance counseling provided nationally, guidance and enrollment support; referrals to health care resources; and more.

We operate several affordable housing residences across the country. We also offer educational seminars on affordable housing options, determining eligibility and preparing for the housing application process.

Our Senior Care programs help entertainment industry professionals who are 65 years or older, their family and care givers to address a myriad of issues they may face on a daily basis.

Learn tools and strategies to support your lifelong financial health and stability.

All families face issues in giving their children a healthy and positive experience, and families with young performers have additional challenges related to their careers. 

If you earned money in California as a young performer any time after 2000, you might have unclaimed wages held in trust through the Coogan Law. Learn how to apply to retrieve them.