AGMA Relief Fund

The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) contracts with the Entertainment Community Fund to manage the AGMA Relief Fund. The AGMA Relief Fund provides support and emergency financial assistance to members who are in need. 

Services include counseling and referrals for personal, family or work-related problems. Available resources include community programs for legal services, elder care and entitlement benefits. Workshops are offered on how to locate affordable housing, navigate health insurance options and improve financial wellness.

Financial assistance is available for rent, utilities, mental health and medical care, as well as other basic living expenses. Grants are made case-by-case, based on need.

The Entertainment Community Fund is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality. We will not release any information to a union and/or employer without discussing it first and obtaining written consent.

Am I eligible?

All AGMA members may call the Entertainment Community Fund for information, referrals and access to our services.

To be eligible for financial assistance from the AGMA Relief Fund, a member must be:

  • In good standing or on honorable withdrawal
  • Able to document financial need

Apply for financial assistance

Get in touch:

For additional information and an application, get in touch with your nearest regional office at:

Eastern Region

Central Region

Western Region

*These lines are unable to receive text messages.