Contract Services Administration Trust Fund Employee Assistance Program

Contract Services Administration Trust Fund has contracted with the Entertainment Community Fund to provide a free, confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Contract Services employees.

These services are designed to provide support, find relevant solutions and meet the unique needs of members. The EAP services include:

  • Short-term counseling, support and referrals with social workers to help address a wide range of personal, family and work issues including depression, stress, relationship difficulties, harassment and discrimination, and bereavement
  • Personalized support for substance abuse treatment options and insurance coverage
  • Resources for elder care and support, guidance on applying for public and community benefits and referrals for legal services
  • Workshops on a variety of topics to help balance work and personal life
  • Individual consultation and workshops on health insurance and access to healthcare issues
  • Supports for local leaders, including critical incidence debriefing, help with managing member conflict and navigating job jeopardy concerns

The Entertainment Community Fund is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality. We will not release any information to a union and/or employer without discussing it first and obtaining written consent.

Am I eligible?

All Contract Services employees and their immediate family members are eligible.

Get in touch:

(323) 330-2455*
For emergencies on evenings and weekends only, call 800-564-1451*

*These lines are unable to receive text messages