Financial Wellness Workshops

Are you an entertainment professional interested in increasing your financial knowledge and skills? Sign up for our free workshops to learn tools and strategies to support your lifelong financial health and stability.

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Financial Wellness If Your Industry Work is on Pause

Resources, tips and support to help entertainment industry professionals maintain financial health and well-being during periods of work stoppage. 

Intro to Financial Wellness

The Entertainment Community Fund Financial Wellness Program seeks to engage, educate and empower performing arts professionals about the role of money in their lives.

Money Matters: Investing Basics 1 | Building a Portfolio

Learn the elements of a sound financial plan, including assessing your comfort level with risk, the basics of different types of investments and ideas for creating a portfolio with limited and fluctuating income.

Money Matters: Investing Basics 2 | Later-Life Re$ources

Explore and begin to shore up the pieces that comprise your later-life financial resources as a creative professional, including individual retirement accounts, social security income and Union pensions.

Money Matters: Investing Basics 3 | Beyond the Basics

Open only to those who have completed Investing Basics 1 and/or Investing Basics 2. Pros, cons and tips involving the three “silos” of investing (regular investments, later-life resources and debt control).

Money Matters: Managing Debt for Creative Professionals

This workshop aims to help you maintain financial health and well-being when dealing with the challenges of managing debt as a creative professional.

Money Matters: Tax Prep for Creative Professionals

Join the Entertainment Community Fund Financial Wellness Program and Dominic Comperatore of Empire Tax Prep for this practical, informative workshop on tax strategies geared toward creative professionals.