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Career Journey | Act 1: Who Am I? (PT)

Workshop Hours: 10–11:30 am PT/12–1:30 pm CT/1–2:30 pm ET

PREREQUISITE: Must have attended The Career Center Orientation | Weekly on most Mondays & Wednesdays

This workshop is highly interactive and includes activities and discussion. For the best learning experience, we strongly recommend signing into the workshop from a laptop or desktop computer. 

About This Series:
This is a three-Act series. Acts 1, 2 and 3 must be taken in order. See below for all unit topics: 

A central challenge for many performing arts and entertainment professionals is navigating the episodic nature of their work in the industry. For many, survival work—initiated to make ends meet—ends up draining the creative professional and becoming more problem than solution. The purpose of this workshop series is to assist performing arts and entertainment professionals in their search to find meaningful work. Career Journey offers strategies to gain agency over your career.

Career Journey–Act 1: Who Am I?

Are you looking for meaningful work to support your artistic pursuits or new career options, but don't know where to start? In this workshop you will begin your career journey by:

  • Identifying your work values to help you find meaningful work
  • Identifying your skills that are transferable to other work settings
  • Identifying your interests to help you find engaging work

You'll discover what meaningful work looks like for you while developing language you can use in a resume, interview and while networking.

Program Breakdown

Sep 05—Act 1: Who Am I?
Sep 12—Act 2: What Are the Possibilities?
Sep 19—Act 3: How Will I Get There?

Oct 03—Act 1: Who Am I?
Oct 10—Act 2: What Are the Possibilities?
Oct 17—Act 3: How Will I Get There?


Via Zoom, an online video conferencing system that we will be using for class. You will need a device with internet connectivity to participate. 


Attendance Rules: 

Class will begin at the scheduled time, so please be prompt. Log in a few minutes early to ensure your device is operational.

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