Virtual How To: Creative Thinking for Creative Careers! (PT) | Entertainment Community Fund
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Virtual How To: Creative Thinking for Creative Careers! (PT)

Webinar Hours: 1–2:30 pm PT/3–4:30 pm CT /4–5:30 pm ET 

Are you interested in tapping into your creative mind to see where your passions, dreams and interests may lead you? 

Would you like to consider work that is more fulfilling while enhancing your career in the arts?

Join us for the first Virtual How To of 2023! This event will provide you with information and community experience in exploring how to best utilize your creativity in the world of work. 


Michael Novin is a NYU certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). His practice is devoted to helping clients develop Leadership Skills & Executive Presence, Interview Prep & Public Speaking, and most importantly, finding their creative passion in whatever they hope to achieve. Michael has been an actor on Broadway, a Financial Advisor, Sales Manager and Media Trainer for Merrill Lynch, and the owner of a global talent agency. Taking advantage of his years of experience in such diverse fields, he helps clients define their goals and maximize their potential. He believes coaching is about action and results.

Clare Gustavsson helps people flourish personally, professionally and in relationships.  As an executive coach and facilitator, she works worldwide with clients to develop their leadership presence and become exceptional, confident communicators.  She is a psychotherapist in New York City, guiding individuals and couples to connect to their authentic selves and others.  Clare began her career as an opera singer and actress. She holds degrees in music from the University of Michigan and Yale University, and a certification in executive coaching from the University of California, Berkeley.


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