Make the Leap into Entrepreneurship: Business Modeling for 2023 (ET) | Entertainment Community Fund
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Make the Leap into Entrepreneurship: Business Modeling for 2023 (ET)

Workshop Hours: 12–2 pm ET/11 am–1 pm CT/9–11 am PT

In order to participate fully in the activities set out during this workshop, you’ll need to use either a computer or tablet and not a phone when signing onto the Zoom link.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to launch your own business or proactively grow the one you already have. Starting the year off with a plan helps you stay focused and clarify your goals and priorities. With the current volatile market, you need to consider certain crucial factors before the new year begins to position yourself for success in 2023.  

In this workshop we will:  

  • Map out and identify the key drivers of your business model (i.e., revenue, cost, funding). 

  • Identify and clarify your business goals and objectives for 2023.  

  • Understand the need to balance short- and long-term thinking and adopt more flexible planning processes. 

About our Facilitator 

Lloyd Cambridge always wanted to start a business but lacked the confidence, resources and support to make it happen. Despite these roadblocks, he never stopped dreaming. After graduating from New York University, he spent his career supporting entrepreneurs and business owners as a business banker, teacher and public servant, but he knew he could do more. He eventually quit his job and started Progress Playbook, a business training and service platform for entrepreneurs. Lloyd was instrumental in developing our Creative Entrepreneur Project at the Entertainment Community Fund and has served as the principal educator for all our arts entrepreneur offerings since its inception in 2016. 

About The Artist Exchange: 

The Creative Entrepreneur Project equips performing artists and entertainment professionals with resources to successfully navigate the entrepreneurial journey and increase their income and independence through business ownership. Our Artist Exchange is a think-tank for creative entrepreneurs to identify, manage and execute goals. We connect budding and practicing entrepreneurs to other performing arts and entertainment professionals who share a commitment to launching their projects. Each session will offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. 


Via Zoom, an online video conferencing system that we will be using for class. You will need a device with internet connectivity to participate (a headset or earphones with a mic are recommended, though not required).

Attendance Rules: 

Class will begin at the scheduled time, so please be prompt. Log in a few minutes early to ensure your device is operational. 

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