Living With Long COVID Support Group | Entertainment Community Fund

Living With Long COVID Support Group

This group aims to provide support to help participants process the experience of living with long COVID, an illness that is poorly defined and treated with skepticism. At the same time, participants will support each other in coping with symptoms that defy diagnosis, and for which few treatment options may exist. As rules and regulations around long COVID change in real time, this group holds space for clients to share information about their shifting medical landscape together. 

Please note that this is not a psychotherapy group and does not provide mental health treatment. If you are in need of mental health support, please reach out to the Entertainment Community Fund:

This support group is available to anyone living in the United States, Puerto Rico and US territories. 


Pre-group interview is required. Interviews will be scheduled Jan 9-20.


via Zoom

Contact Email: 


Meets weekly for 8 weeks. You will be informed of dates and times when a new group is forming.