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LinkedIn Suite for Entertainment: Part 3 Networking, Content Creation & Challenge Intro

Workshop Hours: 10:30am - 1:00pm PT / 12:30pm - 3:00pm CT/ 1:30pm - 4:00pm ET

PREREQUISITE: Must have attended The Career Center Orientation | Weekly on Mondays & Thursdays

LinkedIn Suite for Entertainment 
The Career Center’s Linkedin Suite for Entertainment program seeks to provide arts workers with the LinkedIn skills and knowledge needed to engage the platform in a meaningful way and will help you explore how to market yourself for the career paths you’re actively pursuing. While we encourage you to participate in all 4 parts of the LinkedIn series for an optimal experience; it is not required to participate in each part of the series. 

Part 3: Networking & Content Creation
Are you ready to take your LinkedIn skills to the next level? This course will provide you with the advanced LinkedIn strategies that are guaranteed to help increase your profile views and grow your network in a meaningful way! In this session we will review the following LinkedIn areas:

Networking: Discuss effective strategies that will help you meet new meaningful connections and increase informational interviews. 
Content Creation: Learn how to write quality LinkedIn content that will help you accelerate your LinkedIn presence. 
15-Day Challenge Instructions (optional): The Challenge is an opportunity for you to apply the strategies you've learned with an accountability group for support. 

Program Breakdown
Part 1: Profile Development Basics
Part 2: LinkedIn Purpose & Job Searching
Part 3: Networking, Content Creation & Challenge Intro
Part 4: 15-Day #TheCreativeLife LinkedIn Challenge

We look forward to helping you cultivate your LinkedIn presence! 


Via Zoom, an online video conferencing system that we will be using for class. You will need a device with internet connectivity to participate. 

To access the link to the meeting please register via Zoom.

Attendance Rules: 

Class will begin at the scheduled time, so please be prompt. Log in a few minutes early to ensure that you are on time.

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Alexandria Bellivan

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