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Creativity Doesn't Age Series: Manifesting Your Creative Vision! (PT)

Webinar Hours: 1–2:30 pm PT/3–4:30 pm CT /4–5:30 pm ET 


The world of work and meaningful connection for people over 50 is challenged by a number of factors at any time, but never as dramatically as during this pandemic era. The Career Center's Creativity Doesn't Age Speaker Series invites guest speakers who have knowledge and commitment to addressing strategies for our community to connect and engage in creative ways during these challenging times and beyond. Of course, topics highlighted by our speakers are relevant to arts professionals at all ages and stages of their lives and careers.

Would you like to dispel any myths around insight and intuitive spirit?
What is your vision for the future and how can you make it come to fruition?


Carol Vecchio has spent a lifetime showing people that life is more than work, and that integrating career, family, and play makes you a more productive and happier person and employee. Beginning in 1981 she worked as a career counselor at NYU and Fordham Law before relocating to Seattle and founding the nonprofit Centerpoint Institute. She wrote her book, The Time Between Dreams: How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work and has trained others in all parts of the world on how to do this intensive and life-altering work.


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