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Affordable Housing for Seniors in LA (PT)

This webinar designed for seniors and older adults in Los Angeles helps participants better understand the affordable housing landscape in LA and assists them to prepare to apply. While this seminar provides an overview of affordable housing programs, this presentation also focuses on information most relevant for older adults in Los Angeles. If you're considering moving or need a refresher on the housing market, this webinar will be helpful in orienting you so you can be an educated renter in the senior housing marketplace.

The webinar will focus on the realities of the housing market in LA and identify the challenges in accessing low-income housing for seniors, while sharing strategies to access new opportunities as well. In addition, information regarding assessing your income, eligibility criteria and documentation is discussed in detail to address the specific needs of the entertainment community.

Information is also provided about the Entertainment Community Fund housing for performing arts professionals, including the Palm View and the Hollywood Arts Collective (coming soon!).


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