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Seeking NYC Sublet

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I'm a film set decorator (newly on early retirement.) I need a short term rental while looking for a permanent home – due to sudden change in long term travel plans following the sale of my own family home. Long time home owner who is meticulous about spaces and objects (comes with the territory!) I am looking for a pleasant, comfortable, safe space with sunlight and am open to exploring most any neighborhood as well as Riverdale, Yonkers, etc. I come with two exceptionally well behaved and perfectly trained cats who have been welcome guests in many homes. Excellent references, excellent tenant. I need a place starting July 1 – month to month would be ideal for me, with a flexible arrangement, but of course I am reasonable and will consider all viable options. Grateful for your consideration and all replies. Thank you!


Catherine Davis


New YorkNew York10011


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$900 – $2000 as appropriate to your costs & value of property